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This prank has a complete movie scenario in it – much more complex than the run of the mill “snake falls off tree” and “hand comes out of cake” type pranks. In this prank, a girl asks the help of a female passer by to take a picture with a naked statue. While this is going on, a French Resistance time traveler shows up, twist and turns the statue’s stone hard “unit” and opens a secret door which we can only suppose, leads to some secret underground lair. As he disappears under the statue, a cop shows up, looking for the aforementioned beret wearing rebel. Try to explain as they might, none of the victims manage to convince the cop that their story is true. Obviously, the only thing left to do, for the girls, is to twist, turn and generally fondle that pecker in hopes the trap door will open again. All that elaborate scenario just to have some cute girls touch a statue’s penis. Totally worth it.

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