Wedding Cake Disaster Prank // Random pedestrians are asked to help close a huge delivery truck’s back door thingy -If you ask me, it’s a bit of an overkill in terms of transport capacity but we all know everything is always exaggerate when it concerns weddings, it justifies the price. So, the victims close the door right on the cake. All that so we can all laugh at how bad they feel for ruining someone’s marriage. Aye aye, it’s a a wedding cake catastrophe prank.

DISCLAIMER: Before everyone jumps out of windows screaming “OH NO this is a re-upload, JFL is running out of ideaaaaaaaaaas!” let me explain a few things. 1. Yes, it is a re-upload. We’ll be re-uploading a selection of gags that we believe did not get their faire chance at being seen last year when we were uploading 100 videos per day. As a bonus we used SCI technology to enhance image/sound quality. 2. We’re not running out of ideas and we’ll still produce and post an average of 3 new gags per week usual. These are just extras on top of usual stuff. In this particular case, we re-uploaded this gag because the original had no sound.

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